Submission library

(Submissions are listed by the author's surname or organisation name)

 Alice Springs Town Council
 (PDF File, 177.8 KB)
 Arid Lands Environment Centre
 (PDF File, 276.8 KB)
 Australian Banking Association
 (PDF File, 92.0 KB)
 Central Petroleum Limited
 (PDF File, 72.0 KB)
 Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory
 (PDF File, 548.5 KB)
 City of Palmerston
 (PDF File, 550.2 KB)
 Clubs NT Inc
 (PDF File, 178.3 KB)
 Cullen Bay Marina Management Corporation
 (PDF File, 395.9 KB)
 Darwin Major Business Group
 (PDF File, 189.1 KB)
 DPW Contracting Pty Ltd
 (PDF File, 308.6 KB)
 Fielding, Amanda
 (PDF File, 38.3 KB)
 Grattan Institute
 (PDF File, 238.0 KB)
 Guinea, Michael
 (PDF File, 47.5 KB)
 Hardy (no surname supplied)
 (PDF File, 50.6 KB)
 Housing Industry Association (HIA)
 (PDF File, 526.2 KB)
 Insurance Council of Australia
 (PDF File, 169.7 KB)
 Law Society NT
 (PDF File, 108.1 KB)
 Leader of the Opposition
 (PDF File, 503.3 KB)
 Lodge, Glenn
 (PDF File, 92.7 KB)
 Minerals Council of Australia
 (PDF File, 254.9 KB)
 NT Shelter
 (PDF File, 236.1 KB)
 Office of the Member for Goyder
 (PDF File, 695.6 KB)
 Pike, Owen
 (PDF File, 239.7 KB)
 Property Council of Australia
 (PDF File, 384.2 KB)
 Prosper Australia
 (PDF File, 238.5 KB)
 Quasim, Syed Murad
 (PDF File, 55.9 KB)
 Raico, Mosese
 (PDF File, 31.7 KB)
 Responsible Wagering Australia
 (PDF File, 191.6 KB)
 Schimmel, Hardy
 (PDF File, 209.3 KB)
 Schultz, Rosalie
 (PDF File, 82.4 KB)
 Simon, Adrian
 (PDF File, 16.5 KB)
 Towns, Ian
 (PDF File, 58.2 KB)
 Wood, Wayne
 (PDF File, 741.1 KB)

We encourage all stakeholders to make submissions and assist the government in deciding whether there is a need for reform.